Purchasing Work

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While most art purchases through website shopping carts are rather impersonal, we have a different approach. As a collector, you may have preferences in regard to shipping, insurance, etc. There can also be considerations for display of the work as well. We have found that these are often better handled through direct conversations, often with James himself.


We believe art should never be an impulse buy; therefore we approach the purchasing process with a little more personal touch. Purchasing a Bennett work begins by simply using one of the contact methods below.

To inquire about purchasing a specific piece, please use one of the following methods:

The Contact form on this Website or click here: https://jgbennett.com/page/contact/

or Direct Message @fromBennett on Instagram

From there, correspondences can be carried out in your preferred method of communication (e.g., email, phone conversation, text,  Zoom, etc.).

We apologize about the necessity of using a form for initial contact. Without it we would never be able to find our collector correspondences because of all the daily spam email.



We take protective shipping of the artwork very seriously and consider our packaging and handling to be both superior and much more cost-effective than other online art sellers. We do not simply add a significant amount to the price of the work to cover shipping and handling.*   After talking with you about any shipping preferences we will obtain a quote of the actual shipping and packaging costs and pass that information on to you to help in the decision making process.

We have found that shipping and insurance usually run under $60.00 for a regular sized piece. Of course anything larger or that requires a wooden crate will cost more.  We view secure and cost effective shipping as a critical service to our collectors.

Authentication and Documentation

Accompanying your art work will be a Letter of Authentication that verifies the piece as an art work completed by Bennett. The information included will be the work title, a brief description, the size, the year created, the date sold, and to who. This document will be signed by the artist.

Return Policy

If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, we have a 7-day return policy.

*You may see some of these works offered on gallery sites at higher prices. The price differences are due specifically to their shipping requirements and the costs added.


Image  Title Size and medium Date Notes Price + shipping and tax if applicable  
Hearth and Home_thumb Home and Hearth

Wood, acrylic


2017   $1,213.79   
Hermon Tabor thumb Hermon Tabor


40 H X 30 W (+ 1.5)



Exhibited 2021 14th Annual Bay Area Art Exhibit, Tampa, FL

Bennett_enough_thumb Enough

Mixed media

(19 W X 23 H framed)


Exhibited 2021 The Studio @620 gallery. St. Petersburg, FL

Covered in local art blog with image.

Bennett_cultural_compass_thumb Cultural Compass

Mixed media

(20 W X 24 H framed)

2021 Exhibited at the Universty of North Florida



Currently on exhibit.
Bennett_culturalmemory_thumb Cultural Memory (Becket IV)

Mixed media

32 H X 27 W

2021 Exhibited 2021 The Studio @620 gallery. St. Petersburg, FL $1,620.00  
Bennett_indexbomb_thumb Index Bomb

Wood, string, acrylic

13 W X35.5 H


2019 Exhibited 2021The Studio @620 gallery. St. Petersburg, FL $1208.67  
D11_thumb D11

Acrylic, wood, lead

40 W X 37 H


2019 Exhibited 2021 14th Annual Bay Area Art Exhibit, Tampa, FL $1,704.38